About Us


As our first job is to sell and deliver a perfect product, all our products are developed by our own design team.

Trends & Innovation
More than twice a year Sanita's fashion department develops a new collection for the retail shoe business, so we are always up-dated on trends like material, leather and colours, from which we benefit in the work wear section, so we always keep our fingers on the pulse.

Experienced Experts
Sanita is a company who stays young and we are proud of our long-standing staff. Moreover, we work close together with experts in materials, institute of research and medical doctors to ensure that our products are always perfect.

Modern Logistics
The central storing of our products and our strong logistic network enable us to deliver promptly to our customers. This is possible as we control our own European production, which means, that we produce customized products in requested quantities.

For Sanita the people and the environment are the centre of our engagement. Social working conditions together with the employer's service lead to great results. Concerning the environmental protection we request the highest possible standards from our suppliers.